MarketingCamp. Share, Learn & Grow your way to Heroism!

Marketing HeroAmerican’s legacy is a culture of the lone individual standing against the odds and overcoming them to the delight of a cheering nation. Don’t we all love a happy ending to the trails of a hero’s journey? Your first job in marketing cures you of that fantasy fast.

But don’t we all still want to believe in a hero? One that will come in the nick of time to save us from falling into the abyss of complete marketing doom? Well, MarketCamp San Francisco can help you realize that champion in you so that you can be the MarketingHero you were born to be!

MarketingCamp San Francisco, which happens March 30th at Hult International Business School, offers two main learning experiences. 1) Evidence that you’re not alone, but supported by vibrant, thriving community of other marketing professionals and 2) they, like you, want to do good and are willing to share their knowledge, wisdom, and counsel so that you can touch the hero in you. And all in an atmosphere of awe and splendor that only Oz can rival!


Several hundred marketing pros like you will assemble and, individually, lift their hands to lead sessions, either as an expert or as a courageous facilitator, about topics that are of vital interest to them. Even you can raise your hand to be a session leader. We know that you too have something valuable and wise to share with others or have a topic that you want to explore. All others will vote on all of these topics. Sessions with the most votes are scheduled. And by day’s end, more than 30 sessions will have been conducted. The collective learning will be recorded and publicly published for all to have — free.

MarketingHero and Kathy Klotz-GuestThat’s half of the value of MarketingCamp. The other half is meeting people and learning from each other and it need not be in a session. In fact, unlike our school days, you don’t even have to attend a session to learn something because exciting learning will be happening all around you. There will be plenty of spaces to settle down with those of your tribe to exchange enthusiasm, trade tricks and tips, and reveal rejuvenating recipes for professional realization. It’s that simple.

So there you have it! The formula for becoming a MarketingHero in your own time!

  • Show Up
  • Take Part
  • Have Fun

We look forward to seeing you March 30th. Register at today!

Paul Wcislo
Author bio:
Paul Wcislo is an international web and social media consultant who translates client web presence into revenue. He also co-chairs the SVForum Marketing SIG to help professionals connect and advance the profession.


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